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 // Update the output element with the generated code
 output.textContent = code;

This form allows you to quickly and easily generate a 301 redirect page. A 301 redirect is a type of HTTP redirect that tells the browser to permanently redirect the user to a different URL.

To use this form, simply enter the URL that you want to redirect to in the input field, and click the “Generate 301 Redirect” button. The form will generate a page with a 301 redirect that you can use on your website. This can be helpful if you want to redirect users to a different page on your website, or if you want to redirect users to a different website.

A 301 redirect is often used when a webpage has been permanently moved to a new location, and you want to send users to the new location. This is important because it tells search engines that the old webpage has been permanently moved, and they should update their indexes to reflect the new location. This can help ensure that users are able to find the correct webpage, and it can also help preserve your search engine rankings.

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